Engineering Projects, Energy Certifications/Auditorships and Professional Formations, Lda
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The JOTA96 Activities are conducted in order to fully comply with all laws and regulations which can be applied.


The JOTA96 also hopes that its employees comply with these standards.

Where necessary, the request to its employees JOTA96 information and safeguards to ensure that they meet the applicable regulations and legislation.



All decisions of "sourcing" contracts and ongoing management of the relationship with employees will be conducted in order to protect the brand, the reputation of JOTA96 and reflect the company's policy and standards JOTA96. The JOTA96 is governed by the following principles, which allow the implementation of Standards Standard management of "Sourcing" and Employees. Selection of Employees Employees evaluate the proposals and assign a weight (measured) considerations appropriate to the responsibility of the Organization, within the process of "Sourcing". Collaboration Working together with the employees when they are identified significant risks or opportunities for the implementation of standards and improving aspects of the responsibility of the Organization. To encourage honesty and openness of Employees errors or failures before they occur in relation to standards and principles of JOTA96. The JOTA96 must accept alternative standards whenever they reach or exceed the equivalent of JOTA96. The Report JOTA96 reports publicly its performance and practices in the process of "Sourcing" Management and Employees. The Awareness and Training JOTA96 and their employees must ensure that all relevant persons received proper training and guidance to implement the Standards. Monitoring and Verification JOTA96 monitors the performance of its employees as part of ongoing management of risk and where appropriate provides constructive feedback. JOTA96 expects to allow employees reasonable access to all relevant information, as well as their facilities, to cooperate in any audit and to undertake reasonable efforts to ensure that subcontractors do the same.


The JOTA96 always acts to protect its brand and physical assets, financial and intellectual, as well as those of employees in that it is within your reach.



The JOTA96 works closely with employees in order to take the right steps to align and achieve its objectives. We work openly and in collaboration with all our business partners to maximize value. The characteristics of the relationship and level of collaboration will be maintained JOTA96 determined by taking into account the business requirements. An open and collaborative approach will be adopted for the efficient and fair resolution of disputes that may arise.


The strategy is JOTA96 concerning employees to engage in a proactive performance management and improvement within our base of employees. The JOTA96 expects employees to take responsibility for efficient and effective management of its own supply chain with regard to maintenance of the principles set forth in this document. When necessary, the JOTA96 work with employees to ensure that their supply chain is aware of and complies with the content of this document. Together, JOTA96 and Employees will undertake a continuous improvement in all areas of the relationship. This is considered a critical component to the contract. All services provided to JOTA96 must meet their specifications and to be performed in accordance with the agreed Service Levels. A Service Level Agreement should be inserted in all contracts. This will provide Key Performance Indicators that will be used to measure performance, from beginning to end, all services and provide a basis for periodic reporting to management.


All information produced by JOTA96 pretend to be complete, accurate, and unambiguous. All necessary steps will be taken to respect and protect confidential information provided by customers. The JOTA96 also expects employees also take all necessary steps to maintain confidentiality.


The JOTA96 must ensure that others have confidence in assuming commitments and agreements are appropriately authorized. The JOTA96 expects employees understand and comply with our requests, billing and payment routines. The JOTA96 ensure timely payment and proper in accordance with agreed contractual terms.


Complaints are viewed by JOTA96 as something positive and provide an opportunity to review and change procedures and channels where the situations reveal underlying inefficiencies / gaps in the internal control system. The JOTA96, supports the active involvement of all employees and / or potential employees of the Group, in the sense that there is always a part of JOTA96 a default or breach of the principles and values ??by which it governs, as well as industry best practices, that they can complain.

The JOTA96 calls also the support of the employees are where

involved in a complaint, to develop all efforts to respond thoroughly and promptly to information requests, and ensure the submission of evidence necessary to substantiate the answer.



JOTA96's strategy is based on creating a virtuous circle of employees (all persons with interests in the organization) satisfied. Equality and diversity as an enterprise basis are the key element in the success of strategies. Recruitment decisions, contracts and managing relationships with employees will reflect and promote the principles of Equality and Diversity. The success in the competitive market of services in engineering depends on the ability to provide the best products and services to our customers while reducing costs. To achieve this, we take the competitive strength and market innovation of employees and provide services and products that generate value for all stakeholders.


The decisions of "Sourcing" contracts and managing relationships with employees reflect the requirements of the Declaration of Human Rights supported by the Group JOTA96. A risk assessment of employees will determine whether the employees, subcontractors or agents or potential are complicit in human rights violations.


The JOTA96 undertakes to maintain the highest ethical standards in conducting its business with employees. Consequently, all employees involved in this commitment, comportarseão according to the highest personal and professional levels, to the point of not compromising the values ??and levels of the Group. Our employees must adhere to the same levels.


As an organization, ensures that appropriately uses JOTA96 relations with its employees and customers.